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Cross border rentals

Travel more with Autojet Rent a Car!

We offer you the opportunity to visit our neighbour countries with your car rental and make your holiday unforgettable.

Cross-border trips

Cross border rentals are allowed for the following countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia.

An additional fee € 70 is charged to your rental for the first designated destination. Any additional country you visit is charged €20 additional. Travel outside Bulgaria is allowed for certain car classes.

Please make sure the vehicle you wish to book falls into these categories.

Travel outside the country is allowed for the following vehicle classes: MDMR, ECMR, EDMR, EDMR, CDMR, CWMR, SDMR, SDAR, IDMR, IDAR, SVMR, SVAR, FVMR.


The security deposit should be guaranteed by credit card of the main driver registered under the rental contract and is double the standard rental deposit for the vehicle (when the vehicle is used within the country).

Personal Documents

To allow the crossing of the border, the renter must provide a copy of the passport / ID card and driving documents valid on the territory of the countries he will drive, at least 3 working days before the pick up date.
Please, select the cross-border travel option when booking and notify us of the countries you wish to visit.

Mileage policy:

You have a mileage of 150 km. per day included the in the price. Over mileage is charged € 0.21 per km. upon return.

Please note that if you do not notify the agents and do not pay the relevant fee, but you decide to leave the country with the vehicle you have hired – a penalty fee of EUR 250 is applied. Vehicle will be blocked and the authorities will be informed.

Information on ACRISS codes you can find here.