Cross border rentals

Travel more with Autojet Rent a Car!

We are offering you the opportunity to visit our neighbouring countries with your rented vehicle and make your holiday unforgetable.

Cross Borders are allowed for the following countries: Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Hrvatska, Slovenia and the European Part of of Turkey. An additional single tax of 55 euro is applied on a country of visit regardles of the chosen car class.

Cross borders are allowed for the following vehicle classes: MDMR, ECMR, EDMR, EDAR, CDMR, SWMR, SDMR, SDAR, IDMR, IDAR, SVMR, SVAR, FVMR. Security deposit is required to be authored by the first driver and is double the size of regular deposit when customer is driving within the limits of the country.

Cross borders to countries: Albania, Bosna and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro are subject to additional confirmation and are offered for the following car groups: EDMR, CWMR, IDMR, SVMR, FVMR. Administrative fee of 150 euro is applied for mentioned countries with security deposite triple the size of regular fortravelling in Bulgaria.

In order to allow the cross border, the cutomer should provide a copy of passport/ID and drivers lisence at least 3 business days before the starting date of the rental.

Request your cross border travel together with your booking and let us know the countries you want to explore.

Please note that if special permission is not received and taxes applied we have penalty tax of 250 euro is aplied.


Information on SIPP codes you can find here.


Enjoy your rental with Autojet Rent a Car and explore Europe!