About AutoJet

“AUTOJET” is a company with over 21 years experience in car sales and car rental services on the territory of Bulgaria, import of new and used vehicles, insurances, inbound and international transport, car maintenance services, spare parts.
Through the years all the efforts are pointed at the best quality services and establish perfect connection between the company and the clients. Our main priority is to give the clients complete service!

Autojet offers the following:

Car sales
Brand new and used cars. Buy cash or lease a car- we have a flexible policy that can cover every clients’ need. Order the car you wish and it will be delivered in the place you need in the shortest time.

Car rental
Offer a great amount of vehicles for any needs and from any class – small cars for town ride, economy and intermediate for long distance traveling, minivan and busses for organized tours and family vacations, 4WD for mountain trips and places non reachable for regular cars, old fashioned ‘retro’ cars for special occasions.

Autojet Since 1989

Car Insurances
Buy a car and get a preference in the insurance rates. Offering all types of car insurance, we shall prepare the car just to have the key and drive away.

Inbound and international transport. Road assistance
Transport of people or goods -we can offer best options and rates for your needs. Had an accident- we can take your car from every place in Bulgaria or abroad.

Car Maintenance services
Leave your car in the hands of mechanics who will make your old car work like new. Get a discount form the services, consumables and accessories being a frequent client.

Spare parts
New or second hand- we offer a great range of used and brand new spare parts. Best rates guaranteed.