About AutoJet Rent a Car

About AutoJet Rent a Car

AUTOJET was established 1989

Family owned company – our main purpose through the years is to provide high quality of car rental and transportation services at competitive prices. All the efforts are pointed at the best quality services and establish perfect connection between the company and the clients.

We offer variety of transportation solutions on the territory of Bulgaria, Car rental, fleet management, door to door services, vehicle insurances, transfer services, luxury transport, chauffeur service.

More About AutoJet Rent a Car

Car rental

Car rental services. All car classes available. Low cost rentals and executive vehicles. Transfer services. Luxury and standard class vehicles. Jeep Trips in Bulgaria

About AutoJet Rent a Car

We offer a great amount of vehicles for any needs and from any class – small cars for town ride,economy and intermediate for long distance traveling, minivan and buses for organized tours and family vacations, 4WD for mountain trips and places non reachable for regular cars, old fashioned ‘retro’ cars for special occasions.

Operating Lease

Operating Lease by Autojet Rent a Car

What is Operating Lease?
Operational leasing is a service that allows you to use a vehicle for a certain period of time (12-60 months) but without an option to acquire ownership. This type of service is preferred by companies that want to plan their costs through fixed monthly installments.

What are the advantages?

– Accounting for all costs related to the rented vehicle
– No additional maitainence cost
– Reducing the amount of your company`s taxes by monthly deduction of your companies`s lease payments
– Full technical support is provided, insurance and warrenty of the car
– No fleet management needed

What is the difference between Operating Lease and Finance Lease?

When we speak of Operatin Lease, the lesor (owner) of the vihicle transfers the right of use of the certaing vehicle for the period of the contract and agains paiment to the Leassee. All payments by the Lessee are treated as operating expenses at the income statement and expenditure. Also the Lease does not affect the balance sheet.
No rist of the property is taken, only the pleasure of using the car.

Finance Lease on the other hand is much more risk taking activity.
It is recognized as asset and liability in the balance sheet

It is important to designate that the Lessor can claim tax releif on leased asset only if it is under the Operating lease form.

Car sales

Since 1989 company imports used cars from all over Europe. We are one of the first companies in Bulgaria to operate in this field. With years of partnership with our European car dealer companies we are able to find the car you wish. All brands, all types. Just give us the criteria and some time to research. You will not be sorry!

Buy cash or lease the car? we work with lease companies and we can easily get conditions for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for all questions and orders you cave

Car Insurances

Do you wish to buy car and get preference in the insurance rates. We are here! You will enjoy a discount on the vehicle insurance.

Offering all types of car insurance, we shall prepare the car just to have the key and drive away.

Car Maintenance services

Leave your car in the hands of mechanics who will make your old car work like new.

Get a discount form the services, consumables and accessories being a frequent client.

Vehicle Spare Parts

New or second hand- we offer a great range of used and brand new spare parts. Best rates guaranteed.


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