1. Do I have to pay extra , if the pick up or the drop off time of the car is out of business hours?
Yes , there is a tax for out of business hours – 25 euro. Our business hours are : 9am till 9 pm.

2. Do you offer a delivery service to hotel/address ?
We offer delivery to every hotel and address in Bulgaria, after appointment. We have free delivery/pick up service every working day(Monday-Friday) 09.00-18.00 for the territory of Sofia center and hotels.

3. Is it possible to return the car in different location than the pick up one?
Yes it is possible, depends how far is the returning place there will be applied tax that is calculated in the process of the reservation. If you rent a car in Sofia and return the car in Varna/Bourgas the tax will be 98 euro.

4. Is it possible to go out of the country with the rented car ?
Yes, we offer the option to visit the nearest countries with the rented car after
request and permission. The allowed countries for cross border are Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Roumania, Serbia. The rentals to Bosna and Herdzegovina, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro are forbidden. Please make requests at least 3 working days before your trip at reservations@rentacar.bg by attaching your passport and drivers license to the e-mail.

5. Is there a fee for using the car outside the country?
Yes, there is single fee for use the car outside the country: 35 euro for EU, 65 euro for Turkey, 55 euro for others. The deposit will be double. After approval you have to send us scanned copy of the Driving license and Passport at reservations@rentacar.bg at least 3 working days before the rental.

6. Is there a minimum driver’s age to rent a car ?
The minimum drivers age to rent a car at Autojet is 21 years. Our young clients 21-23 years should pay a tax: Young Driver – 35euro. Drivers 23-75 must to have at least 3 years driving experience. For our elder clients 75+ we have single tax of 35 euro applied.

7. What is the fuel policy?
The car is provided with a full tank. Upon returning the car with a missing fuel, the client pays the missing fuel calculated 2 euro per litter plus service fee of10 €. We recommend using a gas stations near our offices to avoid fuel level difference. We advice our customers to use only well-known chain brands like OMV, Shell, Petrol, LUKOIL.

8. Do I need a credit card when pick up the car? Can I use a debit card?
When pick up the car security deposit will be blocked on the credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club) issued on the name of the driver. The deposit amount will not be charged, only blocked on the card. After the return will be unblocked. The deposit is different for the different car classes 200 – 500 € .

9. Can I make a reservation by the telephone ?
Yes, you can make a reservation on our telephone: +359 899 05 05 05. Our Agent on duty will provide you all necessary information.

10. What does it mean “or similar car” when choosing a model?
It is not always possible to provide you with the sample car model you choose in the website because of the busy schedule and continuous movement of cars in the fleet. This means that the car class offers several cars of different models and brands, but with the same parameters (number of doors, transmission, presence of air conditioning, size of luggage that can fit, etc.). We do not guarantee exact model only car class.

11.What insurances are included in the price ?
Insurance “Liability” applies to the European Union. Standard insurances which are included are CDW(collision damage waiver) and TP(theft protection).

12. Can I change the reservation date ?
Its possible but its recommended not to do this in the very last moment. Due to already planned booking we need to have time to react on the specific situation. We can not always guarantee that we shall have availability on your changed dates.

13. What I have to bring with me on arrival?
To pick up your car upon arrival it is mandatory to bring with you valid driver’s license, passport/ID. We recommend to have also credit card for deposit as well as your booking voucher.

14. What is the rental procedure?
The contract for rental will be filled out and the agent will provide a copy.
You will pay the rent and optional extras, if there are any. The full rental amount should also be paid at the time of the vehicle pick up.
You can get additional insurance and extras(if available) during the pick up procedure.
The refundable security deposit will be blocked on your credit card (refunded at the end of the rental period)
You and the rental agent will inspect the car for any kind of damages. In case of scratches they will be marked on the rental agreement.

15. What is a refundable deposit?
Deposit is an amount of money that Autojet Rent a Car authorizes on your credit card. The money remain blocked on your card until the end of the rental period, as they serve as guarantee to cover the cost of repairs when possible damage (not applicable in case of buy the full insurance and availability of police report written that there is no clients faulth) or in case of lack of fuel , GPS/equipment damage and more. The deposit can be left in cash, only after the rental agent or office manager agrees.

16.What happens If I am late with the car return?
If the client is late with the returning of the car- additional fee of extra day will be applied. We have 2 hours tolerance period. Please inform our agents that you will be late in order to reorganize the vehicle movement schedule.

17.What happens if have accident during the rental period ?
In case of accident it is mandatory to call on the contact phone number listed in the rental agreement as well as 112 and inform the competent authorities (police) then you have to fill Protocol.

18.Can I extend the rental during the rental period ?
Yes, you have to call and inform us about the period you would like to extend. We can not always guarantee that this will be possible.

19. What happens if I lose keys, documents of the car ?
You have to inform immediately for that. The tax for lost documents is 240 euro. Tax for lost keys is 240 euro.

20.Can I return the documents and the keys of the car if there is no rental agent at the office?
Yes, We have “Drop Off Box” at our Sofia Airport office and you can leave the keys and the documents inside. When the rental agent is on duty he/she will check the the returned vehicle and will close the contract. You will be informed for this by e-mail you have presented upon pick up.

21. What happens if I return the car damaged?
In the absence of the insurance and police report, the customer is responsible for damage up to the excess amount. We recommend purchasing additional insurance.

22. When will the deposit amount be unblocked from my credit card?
The deposit will be unblocked once the car has been checked for damage. It is usually available in your bank account within a week.

23. Can I add a second driver to the rental contract?
Yes, only drivers included in the contract are allowed to drive the rented car. The tax for extra driver is 2.40 euro per day , no more than 24 for the rental period and no more than 2 additional drivers per contract.

24. How I will now that my reservation is confirmed?
In the end of the reservation process you will receive CONFIRMATION for your car rental request with your reservation number. Also you will receive confirmation/cancellation on your email, after revising the request by our agents.

25. Is my credit card information safe?
All credit card payments are made in the background through a third party and secured through Secure Sockets Layer /SSL/ and 3D secure technology. Your credit card data will stay strictly confidential

26. Is it possible to purchase additional extras ?
Yes, it is possible. You have to inform us prior your rental or on the spot upon collecting the car. We offer GPS, WI-FI, Ski racks, baby/booster seats, extra insurance, prepaid fuel.

27. Is it possible the damage exss to be reduced to Zero `0`?
Yes , We offer Zero excess super cover. In the basic price of your rental tariff is included only basic insurance. If you wish to limit your liability to `zero` for damages and theft we recommend the Extra Insurance.

28. Is it allowed for 4×4 vehicles to drive on off-road trails ?
All cars of Autojet including 4×4 should be drive on normal roads. It is not allowed to drive the rented cars on off-road trails.