Pickup Truck Rental – ‘Go anywhere, get everywhere’

Pickup Truck Rental – ‘Go anywhere, get everywhere’

Ford Ranger Wolftruck for rent by Autojet rent a car!

The Ford Ranger is a robust and versatile pick-up truck that makes a powerful statement every day. Vehicle is packed with all the equipment you will ever need on daily basis. It also offers superior economy and lower emissions over similar trucks. Ranger has a ground clearance of up to 237mm. When coupling these attributes with the chunky off-roading tyres, you will never struggle with challenging terrains. The pickup box is wide enough to carry everything you need; ranging from trade tools up to equipment needed for a successful outdoor adventure.

‘Go anywhere, get everywhere’

is the slogan used by Ford when marketing the Ranger, which is a bold statement! The Ranger’s clever on-board computers allow you to tackle just about any terrain with confidence. Better yet, you can switch between 2WD and 4WD at the flick of a switch; essential for a working vehicle that is used frequently on the road. Other features that make the Ranger a class-leader include: Hill Descent Control, Parking distance sensors, Driver Alert (warns you when you’re fatigued), Hill Start Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control.

Reserve your pick up truck now and enjoy the adventure!