Mobile Hot spot | Stay connected

Mobile Hot spot | Stay connected

Mobile hot spot for your devices!

Stay connected to internet during you stay.

This is the most bookable additional equipment during car rentals with Autojet. Doing online business, getting right orientation for your journey or just surfing – the wifi router will be your true friend during your car rental with Autojet.

Autojet Rent a Car offers mobile wifi hotspot only for 2 euro per day!

Autojet Rent a Car has the pleasure to offer you this new generation service: compact wifi router with high-quality internet service. You can use it in your car, home, on the beach and every place in Bulgaria.


You can use up to 4 devices at the same time connected with the internet through the router. No cables or plugins- easy to use and extremely functional.

You can connect your phone, computer, tablet, and every other device as long as it has wifi connection options.

Take it with you, not just use it in the car

Compact size allows you to bring it everywhere with you, not miss an e-mail or geographic tag on your cell phone. Now you can stay connected to the internet no matter what is your monthly cellular service provider plan.

Reserve it with your car to ensure availability

You can book the mobile wifi hotspot router on the 2nd (second) step of your reservation process only for 2 euro per day or a maximum of 50 euro per rental period with no extra deposit for the service.

Enjoy mobility and surf everywhere!