Seven Lakes is a group of lakes of glacial origin located in the Rila mountain. It is the most visited by tourists lake group in Bulgaria.

The name of each of the Seven Rila Lakes is linked to specific external features of that lake. The lake, which is situated at the highest altitude, named for the transparency of Tear waters offer visibility in depth. Next highest is available Eye, which is almost perfect oval. The eye is the deepest cirque lake in Bulgaria – 37.5 m deep is Lake Kidney with the steep banks of the entire group. Fourth Lake is Gemini. This is the largest area of ​​Lake Seven Lakes. Trefoil Lake has an irregular shape and a low shores. The shallowest lake is Fish Lake. The lowest of the lakes is the Lower Lake.

Trip Program

-Meeting the clients at the hotel and departure by SUV at 8.30.

-Traveling on the route Sofia-Plana:

Climbing Mountain Plan with off-road program. Stop for tea and coffee with an amazing view of Sofia, Iskar Dam and Rila Mountains.

-Continue the route to go down as the Iskar Dam. Possibility to stop the Iskar Dam

-We reach Panichishte resort in the Rila Mountains by an asphalt road.

– Lunch at local restaurant in the resort Panichishte or picnic in the mountains(on request)

– Panichishte-climbing with a lift to the 7 Rila Lakes

-Walk to the lakes and free time for photos

Travel on the route-

Panichishte- Dupntsitsa-Sofia

– Back to the hotel 18:30

              Price: 109 € / person *

Price includes:

– Professional guide

– Jeep and fuel for the route, parking

– Communication between jeeps

– 1 lunch

– 1. Travel by cable car

* Minimum number of participants : 4 people per jeep or a minimum of 3 people in a car for more than 1 jeep.
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