Free Car Rental for Bloggers

02 Feb

Free Car Rental for Bloggers

Free Car Rental for Bloggers

Free Car Rental for Bloggers and influencers.

Autojet Rent a Car at Sofia Airport offers great deals for your trip to Bulgaria. Top Rent a Car deals online.

We love social media and people that share their experiences with the world!

Autojet Rent a Car invites bloggers and website owners to enjoy a complimentary car rental.

We will arrange a free short-term car rental at our locations in Bulgaria. In return, you will just write an article and a social media post. Tell the world about your trip.

We consider all applications we receive!

Autojet would love it if you try our services personally. Let the world know about us. Such an amazing opportunity to write unique and useful content for your website or blog. That will guide your audience in a specific way.

We hope you are interested in! If the answer is YES, send us the name of your website or blog. Provide information for the duration and location you‘d like to rent a complimentary car. Let us consider your proposal.

If you are a website or blog owner and you want to explore our beautiful Bulgaria? Take advantage of  complimentary car rental from Autojet Rent a Car, please write to or visit